Why it's worth?

Innovative Storage Design

The Evyon folding fan is a game-changer for home storage. With its compact and ingenious design, allowing you to easily disassemble and store the fan components within minutes. This feature saves valuable storage space and eliminates the hassle of storing a bulky fan.

Aerodynamic Double-layer Fan Blades

The Evyon stand fan features aerodynamic double-layer fan blades that increase air flow and reduce noise, ensuring a peaceful and comfortable environment.

DC Motor

The 12W DC motor in the Evyon stand fan delivers powerful performance while being energy-efficient, saving 70% more energy than AC motors, making it environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

Ultra Quiet

The noise level is 15dB in sleep mode, 20dB in daily use, and the maximum is only 35dB.

Two Versions

Outdoor Portable Folding Fan

Forest Breeze Folding Fan