Unite and Conquer

The name of the Evyon brand itself represents a spirit of ever young. We believe that only by constantly challenging ourselves and pursuing innovation can we establish a foothold in the home appliance industry and achieve success.

Pursuing Excellence

Our products are not only designed to meet users' practical needs but also to improve their quality of life. We always adhere to the principle of "quality first, customer foremost," continuously optimizing products, improving technology to meet users' ever-changing needs.

Meet The Evyon Team

  • Tiger Liu

    Chief Designer, recipient of prestigious accolades including Gmark Gold, Red Star Gold, Red Dot, IDEA. Leading the design team in planning and designing products, coordinating design styles, and developing design strategies.

  • Jeff Wang

    Chief Operating Officer, accumulating over thirty patents. Working closely with the technical and product team to drive rapid and efficient product development, design, and promotion. Ensuring product iterations and enhancing brand influence.

  • Liu Hong

    R & D Director, with 25 years of experience in small home appliance product development, specializing in fluid design, thermal analysis calculations, and heat dissipation design.

  • Liang Huang

    Industrial Design Lead, responsible for product exterior design, structural design, graphic design, overseeing product components and firmware aspects, and managing product production from inception to market.

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